Our Business

Upstream, Midstream & Downstream

CETEnergy’s business is in the petroleum industry. Leaning on innovative technology and tactic, our activities cut across the upstream, downstream and midstream sectors.

Our business covers exploration and production of crude oil, the marketing of gas and petroleum products, and the provision of marine & upstream services.

We seamlessly deploy global best practices, cutting-edge technology and leverage on our varied expertise in providing energy resources to develop products and services for the energy industry and consumers.


We carry out business activities in onshore and offshore crude oil and natural gas fields, including drilling and exploration.

The impact of our economic activities is immense both on CETEnergy and the economy of our environment. As technological innovations unravel, we are continually exploring new ways of doing business and seeking platforms to deliver value in the upstream sector.

With prospects in sub-Saharan Africa, we are venturing into a broad range of business opportunities through strategic partnerships, acquisitions and development of oil fields to build operating capacity in the near future.

We explore the numerous exploration and production opportunities in crude oil and natural gas, through joint ventures, acquisition of marginal oil fields across Africa, development of oil & gas assets and well-structured farm-in arrangements with partners through our investment arm – CETExploration & Production, and our operational arm CETBridge Exploration & Production.

Exploration and Production
Exploration and Production


Our Midstream operations capture the emergent energy needs and services within various industries and regions in Africa.

As an aspirational market leader, we aim to drive midstream operations through inventive gas solutions. One of such is our Gas-to-Power Initiative with goals of producing premium-quality, affordable and clean energy through Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) and Regasification, with transportation to industrial consumers using the Virtual Pipeline model. Our primary partner in this venture is CETPower.

To straddle the gap between Upstream and Downstream sectors effectively, we have mapped logistics solutions and begun acquisitions of small to mid-sized barges to support effective STS Transhipment and Marine Deliveries.

Our midstream activities are driven by CETLogistix and CETGas


Our downstream ventures are focused on refining and distributing crude oil products, and the facilitation of onshore logistical support.

Our emphasis on the downstream sector as an operational take-off point is in furtherance of our goal to build strong financial foundations for all subsidiaries and to finance ventures. Our global teams facilitate conceptualization and execution of innovative technology and best practices to help this actualization.

Our products and services include Petroleum Products Trading – DPK/AGO/PMS/LPFO, with a focus on product supply and bulk/retail distribution. Although we are currently focused on ‘Physical’ trading of petroleum products, we are also building a framework to venture into ‘Paper’ trading.

Other strategic areas of focus within our downstream blueprint include the following:

- refinery

- filling stations

- lube plants

- aviation jet refueling business

- the establishment of storage facilities across 3 regions in Nigeria with a minimum capacity of 25,000 Metric Tonnes per unit.

Exploration and Production