What we have done


CETPower’s total bid for the Omotosho and Gbaran NIPP assets in a recently concluded bid round


‘Cash Backed’ Bid bond posted via Citibank, for both NIPP assets ($4m/Asset)


CETPower Total Assets (NAV)


Fixed and Firm – Current 10yr Contracts


CETEnergy trading equity


Trade Financing Lines, currently available to CETEnergy


Asset Available to CETEnergy for trade financing line ramp up


CET Group Valuation

$42m/ 60,000MT

Current annual trading capacity – Downstream Activities

12 years

of leadership in the Nigerian independent electricity supply industry

7 subsidiaries

under the CETEnergy Group

What we are doing

2 subsidiaries

meeting Mid-stream energy needs across the nation

E&P: 2 + 1

2 Production Assets + 1 Exploratory Asset by 2020

75,000 MT

Planned Storage Capacity spread out across 3 regions within Nigeria, to facilitate our product distribution, commencing Q3, 2016


CETGas LNG – Gas Liquefaction Plant and Re-gasification Facilities; 2016 project value estimate


Projected CETEnergy Revenues for 2015 – Trading Activities

$126m/ 180,000MT

Downstream Trading and Distribution Capacity by Q4 2015

185 filling stations

(5 in every State of Nigeria) planned to facilitate Refined Product Distribution, within the next 10 years


Refining capacity of Modular refinery in Nigeria, Planned for 2018