CETGas Limited

CETGas is a subsidiary of CETEnergy which focuses on the processing, supply and delivery of gas products to consumers. CETGas operates in the downstream and midstream sectors of the Nigerian oil and gas industry

Gas Initiatives:

With CETPower as a strategic partner and off-take anchor, CETGas is currently putting measures in place to drive an LNG and CNG Solution initiative, in the South-East region of Nigeria.

Via this arrangement, CETGas will drive a virtual pipeline solution model after harnessing gas from a gas source (gas processing plant or pipeline from a gas field), which will be and trucked in specialized cascade containers (CNG and LNG), to CETPower’s gas-fired plants within the South-East region of Nigeria. The rollout plan will commence with the site build of a Liquefaction Plant, to convert processed gas to LNG for re-gasification at clients' stations. The LNG roll-out will promptly be followed by a CNG model to cover areas with shorter distances (from the gas source). The overarching objective is to utilize both models in delivering our strategic Gas-to-Power goals.

Discussions are on-going within the Delta region of Nigeria, for arrangements to off-take gas for CETGas feedstock. The capital investment ($6.5m) required to set up the necessary infrastructure for our LNG initiative, has been earmarked. We will be leveraging on this equity to raise further capital ($19.5m) from third parties, via an investment road show. The venture is envisaged to take off in Q1 of 2016.