CETLogistix (Marine)

‘Marine’ Transportation and Logistics Division

CETLogistix Limited

CETLogistix is the logistical arm within the group, bridging the transportation gaps (both marine and land) between our Upstream and Downstream activities.

We are soon to commence acquisition of trucks, for the transportation of our refined products to support our bulk distribution activities, as well as the acquisition of small to mid-sized barges to support our product trading activities - STS Trans-shipment and Marine Deliveries by 2016.

In this regard, CETLogistix Marine is being primed to focus on STS Transshipments and the supply/delivery of products to marine storage locations and platforms.

CETLogistix is also currently exploring a marine logistics business model, which entails the movement of containers, equipment and machinery as well as personnel for clients. When fully functional, CETLogistix activities will also actively provide Container Port Feeder services within Nigeria and neighboring West African countries.